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Hosting affiliate programs has high chances of success with the involvement of your esteemed clients like you. Every time, you refer our services to an acquaintance, a friend, a relative or to another business, you create a serious earning opportunity for yourself. Almost all our services come under the ambit of our affiliate program and up to 30% commission is assured on most services. So, every time you direct an acquaintance to purchase a service from Garanntor, you give yourself a chance to get a 30% commission from the deal. You will be paid through cheque or via PayPal, within the 15th of a month, once your commission has been active for a month. In order to access the feature, register and login to your account and within the Client Area of your account, you will find a tab called “Affiliate”. Click on the link and inside click on the “Activate Affiliate Account” button. Voila! Your affiliate account is ready. Now custom coupon codes and tracking links would be embedded on your website and every time, you direct a visitor on your site or ask an acquaintance to use the link and signup for the services of Garanntor, you are creating a chance for yourself to earn a heavy commission. We believe in creating a long-term relationship with our clients and our affiliate program has been designed in a way that strengthens the bond further.

Get upto 30% Commission!

Step 1

Place Affiliate Link on your Website or Blog

Step 2

Refer Friends, Family, Business Associates

Step 3

Referrals Buy Services from Garanntor

Step 4

You Get upto 30% Commissions

Each sale you refer will earn you a commission. Its amount will vary as listed below:

# Products Commission %
1 Web Hosting 30%
2 Windows Hosting 30%
3 WordPress Hosting 30%
4 Website Builder 30%
5 Virtual Servers 30%
6 Cloud Servers 30%
7 Domains 0%
8 Garanntor Email 10%
9 Hosted Exchange 10%

Start making money and become an affiliate today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Programme works through the Client Area within the billing system. Register and log into your account as normal, and within the Client Area, there is a tab called ‘Affiliate’. Click on the ‘Activate Affiliate Account’ button, and your Affiliate account will be set up. You can then immediately provide potential customers with your unique link.

How much can I Earn?

There is no limit to how much you can earn.

When will I be paid?

We will pay your commission on the 15th of the month, once your commission has been active for 1 month.

Is there a Minimum Payout?

Yes. We require you to have a balance of at least N5,000 in order to receive a payment.

What forms of payment do you offer?

We offer payment via cheque or PayPal.

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